Christmas tree 2009

finally! as promised! here are the pictures of the tree!
I finished wrapping all of my family’s stuff and now we’re down to ME’s stuff. when you add 3 young nephews to the mix, the number of things to wrap rises exponentially. luckily, ST mentioned a smart solution: dollar store christmas boxes. I’m heading there after work.
on running front:
saturday – 6.3M on wilmot line. that road is so freakin’ hilly. and man was it cold!
monday – the usual 4.5M around the neighbourhood.
this morning – bailed on my run as my running partner is up home in Owen Sound for the holidays. HE – I’m bringing running stuff and we’ll run while we’re up there!
at work I’m organizing a Biggest Loser weight loss competition. I’m so looking forward to this. a new year’s resolution is to BQ this year (gulp… I can’t believe I just made that really public!!) which means dropping 1hr and 46mins from my marathon time… and to help with that, dropping a few pounds is a good start. and for real training would be good too. I think with some decent, consistent training I should be able to do 4hrs. as for the other 20+ minutes… well that’s going to mean some hard core work.

marathon pics (almost a month late…)

well here they are, only a month late! here are a few of my favourite pictures documenting the successful completion of one of my new years resolutions: complete a full marathon before I turn 25. (so far the only one I’ve finished… more on that another time)

this is me… putting along. headphones are in so this is in the last third of the race.

this is my running buddy that got me through some of the worst parts of the race. J-A R thank you!!!

this lady was hilarious and she ran Boston the week before…

see what I mean?! that’s her, crossing the finish line in the pink skirt on the bottom right.

this is me about to finish! not much spring left in my step but hey, I’ve got a big smile on my face! :0)

after the finish… my awesome friends and family!

that may or may not be a ‘brown pop’ in my hand…