day one – a start (one of many?)

I was reading “101 Kicks in the Butt” by Calvin Hennick yesterday. It gives the reader 101 reasons to get out there and run.

Reason #1: Create a blog.

And so is born.

I’ve started this with the intention of giving me motivation to run. If my friends and family can read it and see that I decided to stay inside and be lazy they can publicly ostracize me. That’s good motivation. If chronicling my struggles to lace up give one other runner the encouragement they need to lace up and run then that’s pretty cool too.

Today’s run…

I’m sitting upstairs on the computer and a quick look out the window tells me that it’s sucky and raining outside.

Reason #31: Run through a spring storm.

Well it’s not exactly spring right now but I’m sure the rain will be hitting me sideways…

On today’s run, the goal will be 20mins out slow and then come home as fast as I can.

Wonder if I can convince ME to come along too? Earlier today he said he was interested but he’s thoroughly distracted with closet construction now. I hate running alone. It’s boring. At the same time I get annoyed if the people I’m with are complainers. The last time I was out for a run with ME, he had a foot injury and I lost my temper. Not one of my finest moments. I continued on the run and he (smartly and rightly so) went home after a few blocks to let his foot heal. Then I was grumpy because I was on my own and some how this had to be his fault. A little over dramatic and a bit princess of me. There is a lesson there – I need to learn how to make running a habit so that doing it on my own isn’t so dreaded and I can be a little more self motivated. No more stopping and starting with running. It’s time to let the runner out and make her a regular in my life rather than an inconsistent guest.

Today’s other goals:

  • find and sign up for a target race
  • create a schedule and post it
  • research running shoes

More on the run later.

One thought on “day one – a start (one of many?)

  1. Great Post Hoodie. Extraordinary Writing talent. I should see you in RunnersWorld Magazine soon huh? Seriously, Your writing style is amazing and I loved your post. Im glad you got started. I, too, was starting and stopping. This blog thing really makes me motivated. When I run, I think of things to post. lol. Have a great day and keep running. PS Wanted to start at the beginning of your blog to read a great author.


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