the run – grand river trail

Route: Grand River Trail – 20 mins out and -ve split back (18:41)
Time: 38:41
Distance: 6.4 km
Pace: 6:03/km
Calories: 473
Weather: 20C, light to med rain
Wildflife: 6-7 wild turkeys coming up towards Grey Silo GC
Notes: Convinced ME to come with (yay!). Wore my blue shoes. L knee felt weird, not painful, just weird. A bit stiff to start but was loving the first 25 mins of the run. Pushing through the uphills on the way back, chasing my negative split were sucky but not too painful. Wear hat/absorbing head band next rainy run. Feel awesome for having run!

Today’s other goals:

  • Target race –> signed up for the Resolution Run 5K Jan 1st. Talked w/ ME re: doing Chilly Half in Burlington 1 March 09, then Around the Bay in Hamilton 29 March 09, then he can do Boston and I’ll do Ottawa or something. Still TBD.
  • Schedule –> firming up the target race priority.
  • Research running shoes –> did a bit, plan is to head in to Running Room and get fitted.

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