today’s run – meander through eastbridge/lexington

Route: trails through eastbridge and lexington neighbourhoods – loop
Time: 27:23
Distance: 4.19 km
Pace: 6:32/km
Calories: 312
Weather: 26C, humid, light rain at end of run
Wildflife: one suicidal bunny that ran out in front of a kid on his bike; one enormous spider (ew!)
Notes: ME is 2 for 2 and was much more loose than I was. Quads very sore from yesterday. Wore blue shoes again. No knee pain. Downhills really sucked with the sore quads.
Wore my green shorts that I got myself as a goal achieved present. I had a goal of completing my first 10K in under 1 hour. I finished in 55 mins. I bought myself these bright green shorts but I haven’t worn them much recently. They wreaked havoc on my inner thighs. It was like there were needles in the seams! This experience makes me want to go bottoms shopping > I want a running skirt! There’s a whole article in Runner’s World about them and I think I know what I want: spanky unders, wide waist band, modest length, and a pocket.
I’m still undecided about this schedule thing. Do I go by minutes or by distance? How many days a week is realistic for me? Must do some more reading tonight.
So I’m feeling good that I ran twice (twice!!) this weekend and I’m looking forward to getting a running skirt. Tomorrow is a day off from a structured run but I’ve got the gym in the am with LM as well as an indoor game tomorrow night. Not much of a recovery day.
I’m taking ME on a date tonight so I should stretch and get some dinner together before we go. The date destination is a surprise so sorry, nothing about it until later!

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