Early mornings suck

Today’s plan is to run after work. My alarm went off bright and early this morning (5:55am) and I snoozed for about 15mins. I got out of bed and it was freezing. There wasn’t even a hesitation at the top of the stairs, just straight into a hot shower. I hate mornings.

ME says he might run tonight but I have a feeling that tonight is the inagural solo run of this adventure. Not that I haven’t run alone before, it’s just that now I want to make sure that it’s enjoyable so that I do it again! Any suggestions for a playlist?

Run plan: 30-40 mins > 10mins warm up then 20-25 mins at 1/2 marathon pace, 5-10mins cool down. Need to do lots of stretching. Calves were cramping at soccer last night (0-0 tie, thanks for asking).

Since I was up so early I put some effort into my lunch today. Spinach salad and homemade dressing, salmon sandwich, homemade cookie (yeah, I baked cookies last night, I know pretty awesome), and an apple. For a snack I’ve got another apple, almonds and dried fruits. Breakfast is oatmeal (ew), with an egg cooked in, plain no fat yogurt and a plum. Solid eh! If I’m going to train I need to pay better attention to what I’m putting into my body. One book I read said that your body reflects 80% what you eat, 10% your workout schedule, and 10% genetics. I’m working on that 90% I can control!

Date night: It was great! I took ME to Princess Twin to see Wall-E. So cute! I really enjoyed it but had a sad later that night after I was in bed when I realized Wall-E had been alone on the Earth for the better part of 700 years. Alone. *tear for the cutest robot ever. ME even stayed awake for the whole movie despite being run down, tired and having a lot of work stress. I think he enjoyed himself so that’s a big smile for me.

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