stupid snow

missed 6M and 14M on the weekend b/c of the extreme cold and snowfall. removed the black nail as punishment. current black nail tally: 0. I am sad.
ME and I decided to swap last week’s mileage with this week b/c of the terrible weather. we’ve still got around 12 weeks before our marathons so no concern about having enough time to get mileage done. that means this week’s schedule is: Monday 5M (done + 1M), Wednesday 6M (did the speedwork last week so take it easy this week), Friday 5M, Saturday 14M.

this morning’s hamster wheel run-
distance: 6M
time: 55:23 plus 35 seconds of pause time for a gulp of water
avg pace: 9:15/M? why do I suck so bad at math?
calories: 685
avg grade: 0.1% (I was doing 1% and 0.5% grade changes and variations for the first 2.5M just to entertain myself)

I was pushing myself in terms of pace, faster than marathon goal pace at times and then down to 9:50ish to cool down in the last mile. felt pretty good. was tired when I got up this morning but I’ve only drank 1 cup of coffee today and I my afternoon slump hasn’t hit quite as hard.

must get back on my New Years Resolutions. let a couple of them slide last week.

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