tempo done!

completed this run before work.

distance: 5M
time: 44:33
breakdown: 1M warm @ 10:00/M, 3M @ 8:35/M, 1M cool @ 10:00/M -total time to complete should have been 45:40.
actual: I think the warm and cool miles were around 9:40-9:50 pace and the tempo miles were about 8:17-8:25 pace
calories:565 cal

this wasn’t as hard as expected. of course, running on the treadmill is easier than outdoors but it’s -20 something with wind chill these days! I don’t think I deserve the black nail for it because I felt pretty good throughout. it was hard but not ridiculous. to fend off boredom, I was rewarding myself with button pushes throughout the run, hence the not too sure of actual splits. it worked mostly. wore my blue Sauconys.

last night I played some of the most competitive volleyball I’ve played in since high school. was good, very challenging. my right big toe was sore afterwards from sliding in my shoe with every pivot/jump.

on deck: 6M tonight, 14M this weekend and hockey Sunday morning.

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