Uncle M and a new Aunt! oh yeah, and my duathlon

that’s right kids, you heard it here first! Uncle M made T my aunt this weekend! pretty nifty! congratulations to the happy couple!

here they are:

the wedding was a suprise for most guests and suited them perfectly! family, friends, music and BBQ. couldn’t have been more perfect.

in other news…

ME and I finished our first multisport event on Saturday morning!
ME did the triathlon while I did the duathlon.

my splits and all that good stuff…

place: 43/84
age category place: 4/8
total time: 1:16:30
1st 3km run: 16:26 (5:29/km pace)
T1: 1:14
bike (18km): 41:11 (26.2km/h)
T2: 1:19
2nd 3km run: 16:22 (5:28/km pace)
notes: I’m pretty happy considering I didn’t train very much! I expected to finish in about 1 hr 30mins since I’m slow on the bike. while I was slow on the bike, the whole thing wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. the finish line pictures however are freakin’ terrible!! the worst ones yet!! instead I present you with this blatantly stolen bike picture. enjoy!

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