Waterloo Classic

sadly, no PR today (missed it by 29 seconds) but I did run well considering I haven’t been training much.

distance: 10K Waterloo Classic
time: 55:28 (chip)
place: 14/40 in age group
pace: 5:36/km

so unlike in my marathon when I had no kick left, today I dug around and found a teeny bit of energy left in the bottom of my toes and passed 4 (count ’em 4!) guys in the last 25 meters. woot! finally, a hard finish! of course I did my usually gag from the hard effort and b/c of the heat today the volunteers were being super viligant about heat exhaustion so I got rewarded with a concerned lady making me walk and plunking ice on me. the ice was awesome and really I was fine, I always do the dry heave after a good hard finish.
the middle bits of the race were ok. around the 4km mark I was like man, I wish I’d done the 5k. but after pep talking myself a bit I was fine. the course was twisty and slow. it was pretty frustrating having to do a turn around mid way through the first lap to add some distance. the sun was also a factor since I haven’t run much in the heat and I wilt like no one’s business.

oh, and ME beat me. dammit.

now I need to get out and train. hard. all summer.

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