and… another nooner!!!

garmy came with me for help on this one.

same route as monday and wednesday (minus the 3x hill sprints on wed).
distance: 2.32M
time: 19:57
pace: 8:37/M
calories: 261

lickety split fast! way faster than monday. no pain, felt good. I’m happy that I seem to have refound my running mojo. taking it easy this round and not going to jump into any 2+ hour runs any time soon but a 1/2 marathon this fall might be a-okay! wore my red saucony triumphs. they might be just the shoes for me.

tomorrow I am going to get in a run before leaving for a jack and jill later on in the day. the weekend is looming as a black hole of alcohol and food consumption. chugging my water today :o)

also, please send good weather vibes to Goderich for tomorrow. I’ve got a friend getting married on the beach and really it would be one less stress item if the weather could be awesome for it.

best AMcG and soon to be Mrs. AMcG!

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