1/2 marathon commitment and training update

yesterday was the first day of official training for my half this fall. so I ran last night ’cause I’m lazy in the mornings and can’t get out of bed.
scheduled run: 35 mins @ moderate effort (7-8)
actual run…
time: 30:54 mins
distance: x km
effort: 8.5 – 9
notes: was humid and sticky. didn’t run until 9:30pm or so, but I’d thought I’d given dinner enough time to settle and move on. instead I ended up racing myself home as the tummy was in knots and rolling!

today I had 30-40 mins of XT scheduled and because I’m a keener, I got that out of the way early.
XT session: strength class at the gym
workout description: pyramid
exercises >
1. 10 reps lunges (ea. Leg) w/ hand weights
2. 10 squats w/ hand weights
3. 10 dead lifts w/ hand weights
4. 10 Zipper rows w/ hand weights
5. 10 Push ups
6. 10 bent over rows w/ hand weights
7. 10 calf raises w/ hand weights
8. 10 bicep curls w/ hand weights
9. 10 Tricep extensions w/ hand weights
10. 1 minute plank

Here’s the pattern of exercises:

I used 7.5lbs weights the whole way through. good workout since you end up doing 100 lunges on each leg! this workout is also a good one b/c it’s pretty easy to do at home. all you need is one set of hand weights and some space. a mat too if you’re working out on a hard surface.

I’ll try and get the training schedule posted too so that you can follow along :o)

One thought on “1/2 marathon commitment and training update

  1. wow, excellent on the leg work. I have taken up fencing and we do a million lunges in a session. My legs have gotten so much stronger. Am looking forward to following your progress.


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