Christmas tree update

we’ve been puttering away at decorating for christmas. it seems like everytime I turn around another box of decorations appears… we definitely don’t have a spot for everything and the number of bins of Christmas stuff is starting to get to me. I think it’s about time to say uncle and stop with the decorating.

we’ve got the Christmas bedding on. Allie cat seems to like it, reclining and crossing her paws pretending to be a lady. pfft. she’s bonkers. she jumped on ME the other day trying to open a door because she wanted out. she’s no lady. Kitty: you don’t have opposable thumbs or knowledge of how to work a door knob. give up.

*here are a couple before shots of the tree. it’s mostly decorated now. it smells so good. I love having a real tree.

the runs as of late
I haven’t missed a monday or wednesday run in 3 weeks. all are pretty much the same so won’t bore you with those details. this weekend (sat) we’ll probably do Wilmot Line to get some hills and distance done.

One thought on “Christmas tree update

  1. you mean we're actually supposed to put ornaments on the tree? We have had it up for over a week but only have lights on it, lots of lights. I am waiting for my sister to arrive from Calgary to help with the decorations.


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