Olympic Hangover, the Leaf lose, and I MET WALTER GRETZKY!

I've been so tired since getting back. Olympic sized hangover from the olympics. The trip was fantastic – so much energy and patriotism.
And then we win double gold in hockey (SID the KID!) and set a gold medal olympic record. Owned it. Canada is so badass.

Went to the Leafs game tonight and as usual they lost. But… SR won at the BMO card jumble on the jumbotron! So exciting! I was as nervous for her playing that as our men and women in their respective gold medal hockey games.

And then…

I got to meet Walter Gretzky and get his autograph on the way out. Awesome.

Pictures coming.

Monday night run:
10km | 59:21 | 6:00/km | 590 cal – on the dreadmill. Legs are sore today when taking stairs. Need them to be feeling fast for Sunday and the Chilly Half Marathon! (Uhhh kinda forgot about that little race)

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