happy birthday to me!

my birthday was yesterday and a bunch of friends came by our place for beers and icecream to surprise me after koala’s practise. thank you everyone for coming by! thank you also H family for the throw back to my 5year old self!

I’m much healthier this week, having fought off a cold and pink eye (yarrrr). did the Koala’s workout last night in W’Loo park and felt good. there is hope for this weekend’s half marathon! I was definitely concerned on the weekend when I was still feeling miserable and an easy 5km run put my heart rate in to the 200’s. not good. everything seems to be good now though and systems are go for this weekend. it’ll definitely be interesting to see if I can maintain a sub-2hr pace to get me to my goal: sub-2hrs or bust.

update on the stink shirt:
after two 5km runs on the weekend and never really getting dry it was… well… skanky. I had to break and wash it. it’ll be interesting to see if that smell lingers. you know the one, the smell that hangs on to tech fabrics and just always kind of stinks even when the clothing item in question is clean.
it’s currently hanging to dry so it’ll get another use tonight when I get out for a bike ride.

training update to come.

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