new look and a run! (gasp!)

tinkered with my template today to move towards something more minimalist. you know… the way I need to move with my closet… :o) let me know if any fonts/colours make it too hard to read. I appreciate your feedback.

after last night’s rough go with a busy head that wouldn’t shut up, the cat, Miss Allie Cat, woke me up at 5:40am. I thought about staying in bed but then realized I need to hard reset myself. rather than changing my alarm to somewhere in the neighbourhood of 7:30am, I got up, dressed and went downstairs… running shoes in hand. me, the treadmill and Olympic Morning cranked out 6.44kms. boo. ya. and I did it hilly too. by the last 10mins I was feeling vaguely lightheaded (no breakfast) and nauseated (gulping water) but finished without incident.
time: 45min
distance: 6.44km
pace: 6:59/km (so slow…)
calories: ~450
avg grade: ~5%
hopefully this gets me reset and better adjusted to eastern standard time. I want to carry this momentum, found at the Olympics, forward this year and really kick some ass at Ottawa. athletes at the Olympics aren’t necessarily paid to do their sport yet they make the time to excel. I can make time.

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