I think I dodged a bullet??

I’d signed up for the Freewheels Project put on by Ziggy’s Cycle to celebrate their 25th anniversary. if you follow the link you won’t see my name listed as one of the 25 selected applicants. but, I think I dodged a bullet.

the wait for the last few days was killing me. I really wanted to participate but after looking at my commitments list and thinking through the logistics of biking to golf on Monday nights with my golfbag… well, I started having doubts. then the doubts became pangs of anxiety. what if I get selected?! what was I thinking? adding in another ‘thing’ to my list of commitments. I mean the project is a brilliant idea and will definitely help raise awareness of cycling issues and opportunities in our community. but, I do not need to add to my ‘stuff to get done’ list by biking everywhere and having to plan the logistics for that AND blogging about it. that would have probably put me over the edge.

and the thought of me biking with a golfbag sending me into fits of laughter. I tried to find a picture of what that might look like and my search turned up these gems:

2 thoughts on “I think I dodged a bullet??

  1. I think Ziggy's has chosen a worthwhile project. Yet I can't see you on your bike with your golf clubs. Likewise I am not biking to fencing club with my swords.


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