june challenge summation

here’s the summation of the june challenge:


Partial pass


1 – 15 mins stretch, Koala’s run (scheduled: 30mins yoga, Koala’s run)

2 – 40mins swim (scheduled: Koala’s bike – cancelled, inclement weather)

3 – 45mins run (scheduled: 45min run)4 – soccer (scheduled: soccer)

5 – none (scheduled: 20mins run, 1hr bike)

6 – none (scheduled: 30mins bike, 30mins run)

7 – golf (scheduled: 30mins weights, golf)

8 – Koala’s run (scheduled: 30mins yoga, Koala’s run)

9 – Koala’s bike/run (scheduled: Koala’s bike/run)

10 – 1hr Koala’s swim (scheduled: 45 min run)

11 – soccer (scheduled: soccer)

12 – 20mins run, 40mins bike (scheduled: 20mins run, 75mins bike)

13 – none (scheduled: 40mins bike, 40mins run)

14 – 30mins weights, 30mins run (scheduled: 30mins weights, golf)

15 – 30mins shred, Koala’s run (scheduled: yoga, Koala’s run)

16 – Koala’s bike (scheduled: Koala’s bike/run)

17 – none (scheduled: 45mins run, beach vball)

18 – soccer (scheduled: soccer)

19 – 20mins walk (scheduled: easy 20min run)

20 – Waterloo Classic 10K (scheduled: Waterloo Classic 10km, 30-60mins aerobic bike)

21 – golf (scheduled: 30mins weights, golf)

22 – Koala’s swim and Koala’s run (scheduled: yoga, Koala’s run)

23 – Koala’s bike and run (scheduled: Koala’s bike/run)

24 – off (scheduled: 45mins run)

25 – soccer (scheduled: soccer )

26 – off (scheduled: run 20mins/bike 40mins/run 20mins)

27 – off (scheduled: bike/run )

28 – 45mins run (scheduled: weights, golf)

29 – off (scheduled: yoga, Koala’s run)

30 – 35km Koala’s bike (scheduled: Koala’s bike/run)

I fell off the exercise bandwagon pretty hard on the last week of June. very disappointing. that said, the run on the 28th was pretty killer. I felt absolutely fantastic and I negative split the run. my mile splits were sub 9:00/mile except for the first one which is pretty quick for me!

I took 8 days off in June.
I worked out 22 days in June.
For 8 days out of the 22, I modified my prescribed routine.
I lost 6.2lbs in June.
June challenge = SUCCESSFUL.

July’s goal:
I’ve been asked to post exactly what workouts I’m doing in July by a friend so for this month, I’ll try to post weekly what workouts I have when and duration/intensity/details of the workouts.

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