a blue post

I owe you all an apology for not posting lately and not updating you on my duathlon two weekends ago. unfortunately I’ve had an injury sideline me and I’m working on getting better and trying not to feel too sorry for myself. being injured sucks, especially just when I was feeling so great.

the day after I ran my duathlon (proper race report to come, along with pictures), I played soccer. it was a physical game but nothing out of the ordinary happened in it. my right knee felt funny afterwards but I assumed that it was just tight. I went for an easy run to loosen it up. everything felt fine after the run. I crashed on the couch to watch True Blood and when I got up… bam. swollen, sore, not fully load bearing, can’t full extend the leg. f_ck.

I saw my GP on thursday – he says just a strain or possibly a Baker’s Cyst, continue icing and advil. he prescribes physio at my request.

saw my physiotherapist on thursday afternoon – she says torn meniscus. f_ckstockings. continue icing and advil. NO PIVOT SPORTS. cycle and swim (flutter kick) are ok. take me behind the barn and shoot me.

today the ultrasound confirmed no cysts.

today the physio repeated: NOT PIVOT SPORTS. cycle and swim only. race on Aug 7th? don’t get your hopes up.

I want to cry.

the injury and lack of exercise is hard; you’re frustrated because you can’t workout and since you can’t workout you don’t have your usual stress relievers (vicious circle) and then all that crankiness starts to seep into other facets of your life. I’ve been feeling pretty down but was looking forward to today’s physio and ultrasound appointments. I was hoping for great news – “Wow, this is much better! Clean bill of health!” or at least “Yes, you can run again.” no luck.

so, off to Koala’s swim tonight and possibly a bike ride too… I’m going stircrazy.

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