dry run for Sunday’s race and the lucky green shorts

last night the Koala’s had a killer workout. Koach had us do a mini du as a dry run for the team’s racing activities this weekend. several of us are racing at Bellewood this weekend and LM and I are racing in Gravenhurst. to help us practise transition, Koach had us start out running (10mins hard) and then hop on the bike for (about 45mins total) 4 x 3mins 90% effort w/ 6 mins of rest between repeats. lastly we came back and ran another 10mins.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel given that I’d tweaked my groin in the soccer tourney on the weekend and was still feeling the effects of sleep deprivation. I told Koach that I was feeling about 70% but in the end, after a solid workout, I was feeling good. today, I’m still feeling good. no sore muscles, groin feels fine. this all bodes well for a good race this weekend… assuming LM and I don’t over indulge with the adult bevvies on Sat!

to help me put in a good workout last night, I wore my lucky green shorts. they were a reward to myself after my very first 10K back in 3rd year university. I think these shorts are a green sister pair to the Bowl Full of Sunshine Shorts worn (sported? rocked?) by Steve In A Speedo?! so to maintain a shred of modesty on the bike I wore spandies underneath.

don’t I look like kalediscope puke?!
HE > will try and get my schedule posted for you ASAP.

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