Gravenhurst 2010 sprint du – race report

my bad kids. I’ve been very negligent. I owe you guys a race report, so finally… I’m getting it written!

LM and I drove to Gravenhurst together from Wasaga Beach the morning of the race. LM drives everywhere like her hair is on fire so it was a quick ride. good thing b/c we were both suffering from pre-race nerves and coffee related issues… read between the lines… you’ll figure it out.

we got to the race in time to see the triathlon-ers coming in from their swim. the transition area and expo/milling area was a bit of chaos but there was lots of cheering going on and the volunteers and police kept everyone safe. I love that energy of races – the crowds, the early morning, the nervousness… so exciting!

LM and I checked in, got marked up and walked back to the car to grab our bikes and gear. transition opened a few minutes after we arrived back so we set up our transition area, peed again, said hello to some friends and warmed up. my warm up was pretty weak… definitely didn’t warm up like I should have. then again I probably shouldn’t have drank as much rye as I did the night before.

we lined up in the finishing chute for the start of the du. as we were lined up, a racer from earlier in the morning was coming in and she got to run down the chute with 120+ people cheering her on. must have been a pretty cool experience!

so the race started off with a 5km run on a mostly flat course. it was perfect weather, sunny and not too hot. I finished the 5km in 27:34 (5:31/km). ripped through T1 in 1:16 and took off on the bike. the ride was 20km of a gently rolling out and back loop. I was quite pleased with my bike time, 43:29 (27.6km/hr). normally I’m the slowest at Koala’s practice so it was great to actually pass a couple people on the bike. didn’t fall off at the turnaround so that was good. last up was the 2.5k run. I rolled it up and smoked it. in the last 100m I saw a woman ahead of me that I made my rabbit and ran her down. I passed her in the last 20meters or so in a dead sprint. there were 2 dry heaves at the end of the race. and a big smile.

27th place overall
1st woman in age group
4th woman overall
5k time 27:34 (5:31/km)
T1 1:16
20k bike time 43:29 (27.6 km/h)
T2 1:01
2.5k time 13:18 (5:19/km)


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