Oktoberfest 5K race report

before I jump into this race report, let me set the scene for you:
it’s Oktoberfest time here in KW and so I over indulged Friday night at Concordia and then there was a bachelorette on Saturday night and there was more indulgence there… and well, you get the idea I *might* have been a tiny bit under the weather.

Sunday morning rolls around and this is theĀ dialog in our bedroom:
ME “You need to get up. We’re going to be late.”
ME “Get your ass out of bed. You missed the bike show yesterday because you were too hungover. You’ll better if you just get out and run this race.”
hoodie “FINE. Mom.”
ME rolls his eyes.

in the end he was right.

Sunday morning was sunny and beautiful and it was a great morning for a run. not too chilly and not too hot. the start was very slow since pokey people think they are going to win the race and line up right near the start line rather than in the back where they belong so there was lots of bobbing and weaving I had to do for the first KM. after that it thinned out a bit and I was able to hit race pace. I blew through 3 red lights under the watchful and protective eye of the Waterloo Regional Police Service (three cheers to the police women and men that kept all the racers safe!) and skipped the water table (three cheers for the race volunteers! thank you for giving us your Sunday morning!). overall, I ran a solid race but probably should have pushed a bit harder through KMs 2-4. pushed hard through the last KM but not hard enough since I a) didn’t catch Koach Koala even though I could see him ahead of me and b) didn’t dry heave at the finish line.

chip time: 25:26
gun time: 26:13
age group place: 4/55
gender place 80/525

goal for next year: hit the freaking podium.

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