The much awaited resolutions post

Allie says “Arrrrrr.” She wanted to be featured on the blog this week and did her best pirate for your viewing pleasure.


It's Chinese New Year today. Year of the Rabbit starts tomorrow. What better time to publish some resolutions than now?

In no particular order, here they are:

• This blog is supposed to be about keeping me motivated. I've been doing a shoddy job of posting to it. Resolution: weekly posts. That's only 52 posts a year, minus the 4 I've already missed.

• Get serious about training and racing. Consistently complete training prescribed by Koach Koala. Resolution: sign up for and complete 3 triathlons and a half marathon.

• Getting serious about training and racing means getting better at managing my time. Resolution: make weekly plans for work, training, activities, and meals. Follow them.

• Food consumption is rampant. Not acceptable. Resolution: keep a food journal daily.

• Take better care of my ass. Resolution: drink more water. (go see The Ass Backwards Diet at

Pretty manageable I think.

Gung hei faat coi!

2 thoughts on “The much awaited resolutions post

  1. Good to set some resolutions and share them. Now you kinda have to stick to them. We'll be here to encourage you.

    As for myself, my sister has challenged me to a race. I am now in my third week of training. I did miss on Wednesday, I wee bit slippery, but did get out yesterday. So far so good.


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