Montréal Weekend

Well – a bit late on this week's post but here's a synopsis of my weekend two weekends ago.

Friday afternoon was spent snoozing. Evening we got some CC and then went to Peel Pub for dinner and pitchers. Home to the Sheridan for more CC. I fell asleep.

Saturday morning we hit jBloom and I purchased a super cute pair of cream pumps. Then off to Simon's for clothes and sunnies. ME bought some crazy man undies that put Bjorn Börg to shame.

In the afternoon, we went to La Cage Aux Sports – Saturday afternoon to watch the Habs beat the Rangers 2-0. (SQUEE!!) Evening activities included more shopping for a short sparkle skirt and a jacket and tie (Happy Birthday ME!). Then off to Dundee's Bar and Grill for dinner – School House Cab-Sauv was yummy and smooth.

Sunday was spent doing more shopping and then… HABS GAME!!!! So much fun! They lost unfortunately but we had a blast! The Bell Centre was a great atmosphere and cheering in French and English was cool. Afterwards we booked it to Peel Pub to watch to Super Bowl. We came home with random new caps (LNH!) and a silicon collapsible bowl. #canyousaytoomuchtodrink?

Monday we slept in and the jetted home.

Above are a bunch of photos from the weekend.

Up next: a new job, a birthday prank and Las Vegas.

(Koalas training and eating well… Fallen off that bandwagon. The long sorry crawl back up will be coming soon too!)

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