It’s been awhile…

Here it is, already the last day of 2010. This year has whipped by and the last half of it seems to have completely slipped through my fingers. I'm now sure when or how but it's gone.

I've been negligent with blogging as of late. As my motivation to workout dipped toward the end of the year, so did my ability to write about my skipped workouts. Despite the lackluster finish to the year in terms of workouts, there have been a few very big highlights.

In October, I (mostly) completed the KW Bikram 4 for 4 Challenge. I attended 4 Bikram classes a week for 4 weeks, except in the last week when life got in the way and I missed 2 classes. This experience was incredible. Bikram challenges your mind and body in ways that are difficult to describe. It sounds cliché, and I'll be the first to admit it. Bikram changed my body, making me leaner, stronger and yes, a bit more flexible. These tight hammies are hard to conquer but I made some progress. What was maybe most surprising was the improvement in the range of motion in my injured right knee. My physiotherapist tells me that she's very impressed with my progress. I am too; my knee is mostly pain-free through my activities. Admittedly though, I haven't been running or playing as much soccer.

Another highlight has been the progress in the pool. Throughout the fall, I made a few appearances at the Laurier pool. Koach Koala has been putting me through the paces and my level of comfort in the water has greatly improved. Not to mention my stamina and tolerance of laps!

Overall, 2010 was a great year – I accomplished a lot over the last 12 months. I won my age group in a duathalon and was the 4th woman in overall, I completed my first triathalon and accomplished all my goals (1. Don't drown. 2. Don't lose my shorts when stripping off my wetsuit. 3. Finish.), lost 15lbs with my training… although I've gained 4lbs back this holiday season I think!

Given this base of awesomeness, 2011 should be even better!

**New Years Resolutions post to come in the new year.**

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