Wasaga Beach Sprint Triathlon race report 2010 and run up to 2011

yet another tardy race report for everyone (as in almost a year tardy)!

in September 2010, I finished my very first triathlon. it was a sprint distance tri, so slightly longer than a try-a-tri but nowhere close to the Olympic distance. it was still a big leap for me because it was a 750m swim. I knew I could do the run and bike distances but the real wild card was the swim. I can swim but certainly hadn't done proper training for the distance. I think I'd been in the pool 5 times all summer. not to mention that there's that pesky knee injury I'd sustained about 8hrs after the duathlon in June. that kinda slowed me down all summer long and since I'm moody and whiny, I didn't get in the damn pool.

anyway, I had three goals for the triathlon:

1. don't drown.
2. don't lose your shorts when you whip off your wetsuit.
3. finish.

I can tell you that all goals were completed successfully! I love it when a project goes so smoothly!

well... at least the run and bike portions. I kind of had a major meltdown on the swim. the air horn went to signal the start of the race and me and the 40+ men started. it was cold in the water but not hypothermia inducing. I was shivering anyways b/c of nerves. 

hoodieruns              1:40:19 
age grp  16/25     
swim 23:34     
T1 3:37     
bike 42:46  (avg km/h 28.1)   
T2 1:57   
run 27:46  (pace/km 5:34)

now I'm four days out from the 2011 race and I'm nervous. the husband and I did an open water swim in choppy Lake Huron on the weekend. I was motion sick after 10-15mins in the water. hence the nerves. what should I do? Koach and another friend both suggested ear plugs. other friend also suggested non-drowsy ginseng gravol. meep!

I know that this year is going to be slower due to the absence of any training all summer long. the wedding consumed my attention and time. but that's ok. this year's goals are to finish and to do the swim faster than last year. will let you know.

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