Wasaga 2011 race report

This year’s race was a significant improvement over last year and I’m quite pleased with the outcome!

I really wanted to take some time off the swim and I was successful in that venture. I also did my first race in my Fighting Koala’s unitard. That’s a bit interesting, not being able to quickly go pee if needed. And there are always nervous pees. Especially because I was really stressed about the swim.

The day was sunny but chilly in the morning. It was really perfect temperature for racing. The water was warmer than last year and it was flat. That was a huge relief after doing an open water swim in Sauble Beach the week before and getting motion sick from the waves rocking me back and forth. My nerves settled right down as soon as I saw that the water was calm and I had a great race.  I was a bit chilled to start on the bike, being wet and all but quickly warmed up. By the time I hit the run, it was sunny and warm and I was feeling good.

my results:
overall place 244/399     
time 1:35:35.3                      
age group place 17/39     
swim place 33/39 (I beat SIX girls out of the water!)  
overall swim place 337/399  
swim time 21:09  
time/100m 2:50
run up time 0:51 (there is a long way to run before getting to T1)  
T1 1:57
bike place 17/39  
overall bike place 254/399
bike time 43:04 
bike speed 27.9km/h
T2 1:15   
run place 15/39
overall run place 213/399
run time 27:22
run pace/km 5:29 

Compare with last year’s results:
overall place 252/355
time: 1:40:19  
age group place 16/25
overall swim place 321/355   
swim time 23:34
time/100m  3:09
run up time 0:42
T1 3:37 (um… was I blow drying my hair?!)
overall bike place 236
bike time 42:46
bike speed 28.1 km/h
T2 1:57
overall run place 212 
run time 27:46
run pace/km 5:34

Let’s analyze this a bit. I did very little training leading up to this year’s race because of the wedding. Last year I was coming off an injury so, while I had done a lot more training in the early summer, I’d been off for 6-8wks mid season. So I think fitness levels are probably comparable, yet I took almost 5 minutes off my time! Where were the gains? 
Swim – I took more than 2 minutes off here. This is a big deal because the swim is by far the hardest part of the race for me. 
Transitions – Again, another 2 minutes or so saving in much faster transitions than last year.
Run – 30 seconds. Not much here but still respectable. I’m excited about this because I want to run the Octoberfest 5K and a respectable 5K time after swimming and biking will hopefully translate into a quick race time.

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