time to get back to business. status: in progress.

ran yesterday. the husband flogged my sorry out of shape ass for 5K at near race pace. I did not barf.

ran this morning. 5.36K at 9:30/M pace. felt good. better than yesterday. husband was not running with me.

sent fat pictures of myself over the internet to a stranger in order to participate in a health challenge. did I mention I’m wearing a bikini and they are unflattering fat photos? ick. I feel like Lindsay Lohan.

so back on the healthy food eating bandwagon as of today. I did not do myself any favours last night by having Swiss Chalet after cleansing for two weeks. my body hates me. must continue to make smarter choices.

note to self: pick some of this up for Thanksgiving.

*happy birthday to Great-Grandma H, CP, JMP of debsaidno.com, and CMcK.

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