Last week… gone.

Last week I was MIA.

Monday I was super tired from all the training the week before. Decided to take a rest day.
Tuesday and Wednesday I was sick, possibly with food poisoning. Five lbs lost in two days in probably the least pleasant of ways.
Thursday was soccer. Felt weak and my stomach was still sore.
Friday off day.
Saturday and Sunday was spent eating Thanksgiving bounty at my parents’ house. There was no working out. Just a light walk on Sunday.

So here it is Monday once again and did Hoodie get up and get her ass out the door for a run this morning? No. She elected to sleep until 7:45am.

Not only did I not get a run in this morning I also had the sad realization on my drive to work that I would miss all daylight and likely would have to run in the dark tonight. Late to work = late leaving work + needing to get groceries + put dinner on the table = late, dark workout.

There’s also the added dilemma of what to do with my training schedule? Do I skip last week altogether and proceed to week three OR do I do week two this week and not complete week 12?

I’m very unsure of what to do here. Any suggestions?

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