Rosy Cheeks!

Just nicely in from a 35min shake down ride with Ginger. Learned a few things:
1. The saddle is still iffy. I'm very sorry lady parts.
2. 5 degrees Celsius means put warmer socks on or booties.
3. I have the neck and shoulder strength of my 93 year old great grandmother. Maybe not even that much. Plank meet Hoodie. Hoodie meet Plank.
4. Aerobars are the most scariest things ever and the most exhilarating.
5. I'm not too comfortable in the aero position at 46km/h.

I also did a 30min tempo run. I hit and held BQ pace for 12mins and then mentally wet the bed. Was supposed to make it to 15mins. Ah well. Next week I'll get there.

What is your weekend workout plan?

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