NYE 2011: a quiet one

You know that saying about March? In like a lamb, out like a lion? My feeling is that years happen in much the same way.

2011 we rang in with a bang, a wild night of shenanigans and then in early February an engagement. Nothing like a whirlwind to fling us through to a wedding in August. The first eight months were crazy but I wouldn't have traded them for anything. I married my best friend and we went through it all together with a sense of humour and the support of a great group of family and friends. The back half of 2011 settled down. There was a renewed focus on our relationship as we dealt with some scary health issues. A crisis weathered but it has been reinforcing just how important we are to each other and how lucky we BOTH are to have what we have. So, 2011 went out quietly, a night in on the couch, watching movies, doing nothing together and it was awesome. Wine glasses of champagne at midnight because we have no idea where any flutes are but that moment just added to the charm of the night.

Today has been lazy, spent on the couch snoozing. Chinese food for dinner and likely some more champagne. Very quiet and very lamb-like. I did get a 17.14km run in with @runnrgrl and then had to have a long nap this afternoon. 2012, you are sneaky. Nice and quiet but I have a feeling you've got a lot in store for us.

New Years Resolutions

1. Love my husband.

2. Be more consistent in all facets in my life.

3. Qualify for Boston.

I've got #1 in the bag.

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