Marathon Training: It Has Begun

It is day four of Marathon Training: The Quest For Boston. So far, I am four out of four for completing workouts. Here’s what my week as looked like so far:
Mon: OFF (I’m so good at these days. I kill them.)
Tues: 9K easy
Wed: strength training
Thurs: 11K easy

The runs on Tuesday and Thursday I did in the morning before work. As tough as it is to get out of bed and get moving, it’s definitely better than waiting until the evening to get the workout done. That’s what happened on Wednesday. I couldn’t haul myself out of bed so told myself that I’d do strength training in the evening. That  could have been disastrous but luckily, my favourite show, Republic of Doyle, is on Wednesday nights. So, I made a deal with myself. No Republic of Doyle unless I worked out during or after it. I chose during because an hour long workout after would have had me up until 11PM and I needed to get up early to run in the morning. As Jake got to the bottom of an attempted murder and antagonized poor b’y, Sergeant Hood, I worked my way through the Koalas strength training program.

2 sets of 12-15 reps of the following:
hamstring curls
shoulder press
bench press
shoulder flys
bicep curls
tricep kickbacks
weighted squats
weighted lunges
tricep press
calf exercise from physio on each side.

one set of 88’s
20 sit up twists
1min plank

Last Sunday, prior to the official start of training, I completed a 14.75K run too and had done a long run up to 17K in January as well. Nothing spectacular but definitely confidence boosters for the work that is coming in the next 16 weeks.

So there you have it.

@FitBoundy, @cellagirl, @bigbrnz and @Leslie_Morton – what’s going on with your training???

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