Not surprising really

Just nicely home from Las Vegas over the weekend. We had a blast, celebrating the one year anniversary of our engagement and having fun with friends. We go every year with mostly the same group and it’s always a mixed bag of adventures, shenanigans and debauchery. As you might have guessed, this trip had a *wee* bit of an impact on my training plans… and the title says it all.

Monday OFF.
Tuesday 9K easy – completed
Wednesday Strength training – completed, in the hallway of the hotel b/c I’m not paying $25 for an hour workout.
Thursday 12K fartlek – fail.
Friday 8K easy – fail.
Saturday 7K easy – fail.
Sunday 14K easy – fail.
That’s 41K of missed training. 
At least this week is a new week and I’m off to a good start.
Monday OFF.
Tuesday 10K easy – completed. I’ve also got volleyball and soccer tonight.
Wednesday Strength training
Thursday 8K easy
Friday 9K total w/ long hills
Saturday 8K easy
Sunday 17K easy
Sunday could prove to be a challenge as I’ve got my cousin’s wedding on Saturday night and we’re staying out of town. Since I put on (another) 2lbs while in Las Vegas, I’ve got a goal to be extra healthy this week to drop that weight and get my kms done. Saturday night will include lots of water, and dancing my ass off and I’m doing that long run come hell, hangover or high water.
I’ve also got another chance to redeem myself. I’m calling it “penance” for the Las Vegas trip. The first full week of March, I’m headed to Panama City Beach for a week long triathlon training camp. I think that with swimming, biking and running, I’ll more than make up for that missed 41K.
And now for your viewing pleasure, a few shots from my trip:
Yes that is Emmett Cullen (aka Kellan Lutz)

So much better looking in real life

Caesars – my shopping mecca

Caesars at dusk
There were many more but I’d need to add an 18+ disclaimer to my blog.
Also, one last surprise from the trip to come. Stay tuned.

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