On Tuesday and Wednesday last week, I did some great work at CrossFit and I was excited with my progress. I was so excited in fact, I posted this on my FaceBook status:

Yesterday I put 120lbs over my head and today I cleaned 115lbs from the floor. Imagine what I’m capable of if I trained consistently and ate clean. 

Game on.”

A comment from a friend got me thinking. He said, “Don’t imagine… do it.” He’s right you know. I’ve been moaning to Tetz for weeks now about how I’m feeling. Eating is the single thing that I do everyday that I can use to make me feel better, have more energy and make me healthier. Sure, exercise will help but I don’t always have time to workout everyday and I certainly don’t have time to workout at Biggest Loser volumes!
My Feedly feed has a bunch of Paleo related content in it so I went and did some reading. Once again I found myself reading about The Whole30 Program. Go read it, it’s ok. I’ll wait.
I went last night and picked up a copy of It Starts With Food. Last night, before bed, I read four chapters. None of the things Melissa and Dallas write about were new to me. In fact, the first chapter on nutrients felt like a reminder of grade 10 nutrition. I knew this stuff already. So, why am I making bad choices? The chapter on our bodies’ physiological response to food, why we respond to sweet, salty and fatty did open my eyes though. I’d never really considered how much of our “food” is engineered to tap into those responses. 
This book is resonating with me. I’m going to read the rest of it this weekend and then, Tuesday morning, it begins. I’m starting a Whole30.
Game on.

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