7.8km in the Hydrocut and 10km on the road

That’s my “still sweating after a shower” face. 
So… that was hard. Hard but awesome!
This morning I joined the Adventure Guide trail running group for a run in the Hydrocut. We covered 7.8km in 1:01, averaging 12:41/mi. We ran Stinky Girl. 

This is a fantastic little run group, at a great local store. Check them out at: http://advguide.com/. The run group details are there too. They are perfectly located to maximise the use of the Hydrocut trails and they send two staff members that know the trails out with the group to ensure everyone is safe and not lost. Which is important, just look at the map picture! It doesn’t even show a quarter of the trails available!

The Hydrocut is a fairly technical trail, with lots of exposed roots, rocks, and hills to navigate. It’s mostly single track with the added bonus of friendly mountain bikers to say hi to along the way. It’s beautiful back in there and I can’t wait to go again.
On Wednesday, Mr. Hoodieruns, the Little and I ran 10.07 km in 1:11:35, I averaged 11:26/mi. That, my friends, was the longest I have run in over a year! It was the longest ride of the Little’s life, until the 10 miler of today. Because Mr. Hoodieruns has the Tough Muddier next weekend, he took the Little out with him on his run while I ran trails. 
So, a bit more training in the books but certainly not enough. Anyone want to go running with me?

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