Go long!

Like that homage to the “happiest 20 weeks of the year” (or so I’m told), football season?
‎Thanks to good friends and a super awesome Mr. Hoodieruns, I crammed in two runs this weekend. One was 8km and the second was 17km! Huzzah!
I really needed the confidence boost of going long because The Toad is looming.  ‎Luckily, I have a fit and fun bunch of friends: @bigbrnz, @Leslie_Morton, @C_R_Morton, @Keilshammer and @Wardy_  that helped me get out for back to back runs. Mr. Hoodieruns, armed with a bottle and the magic napping couch, gave me the time I needed to go.

Saturday, the trio of ladies did 8km in 56mins with 1 can of pamplemousse each. To fight the feet that keep falling asleep on @Leslie_Morton, we did 9 and 1’s: ran 9 min and walked (with purpose!) 1 minute. 

Sunday, the boys joined me and @Leslie_Morton for 8km, then she broke off to help @Wardy_ put together a meal for us moochers, and her Mister jumped on his bicycle. The boys stayed with me until 10km before returning. You can read @bigbrnz’s summary here: http://www.bigbrnz.com/2014/09/anniversary-running.html?m=1 @C_R_Morton continued on with me, braving an already sore saddle, to the end of my run: 17km in 2:06, run as a negative split, using 9 and 1’s.

That ‎was the longest I’ve run in a. Very. Long. Time. I was a bit hobbled afterwards. My poor sticks were tired! After some stretching and lying on the floor, with my legs up in the air, I felt better. Today, I’m feeling pretty good! Definitely the legs are tired and my one knee is a little tender but nothing to be worried about. 

The 25km in 4 weeks feels just a little bit more manageable. 

Thank goodness for good friends!

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