That feeling…

‎You know that feeling? 
That feeling that you get when you get a hard workout done and you think: Wow. I missed this?
That feeling of jelly arms ‎and you’re not sure if you can pull on your jacket, let alone drive a vehicle safely yet?
That feeling of pleasant fatigue, and your body saying to you: Ow. Yes. More please.

That feeling of the bar, resting across your shoulders, in preparation for a back squat, and suddenly you remember why you enjoyed it so much?

I’ve felt them all ‎in the last week and especially today after my first official CrossFit class in 18 months. I missed it. Really missed it and didn’t even realize it. 

So, since the first rule of CF is to always talk about CF:

50 double under – scaled to 150 single skips
4 muscle ups – scaled to 8 ring dips
6 push presses 75lbs – scaled to 55lbs
8 over bar burgers – scaled the pushup portion to off the knees

Completed 5 rounds + 150 skips and 8 ring dips.

‎More to come… stay tuned.

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