Road Rage

‎Tonight I went out for a quick 5km, planning to do some tempo and hill work. As usual, since having The Little, I’ve been wearing a bright yellow bib with a reflective stripe while out running. Especially if The Little is with me or I’m out alone‎. 

I had it on. I pay attention. I know people are tired at the end of the work day. I assume people can’t see me/have missed seeing me. However. At the light (yep, the only light on my run!) on the way home, I came up to a red. I waited for the advance green to end in the direction I was travelling and the walk sign to appear before attempting to cross. As I started to step out onto the crossing, a land yacht (giant SUV) was rolling into the intersection make a right turn on the red,  without looking to the right. I was looking into the passenger window at the back of her head while yelling, “HEY!” and jumping backwards onto the curb. Unbelievable. She half-assed an apology wave and I started into the intersection again‎. Luckily, I threw glance over my right shoulder in time to see a driver in another land yacht accelerating to turn left,  into me. She did stop and let me cross. Talk about an adrenaline rush! 

Run details:

5.1km, 32:05, 10:07/mi, 2×25 metre hill repeats

Ran in my splashy new kicks!

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