Another hiatus…

This poor little blog. It gets no love from me.

hoodieruns is on another hiatus. This time, it’s forced. Another little person will be joining the hoodieruns family and this one has caused some minor complications for their mama. So, it’s a forced hiatus from all strenuous activity for the time being. Hopefully everything else will go smoothly and I’ll be back in the spring.

Last night, in a fit of Christmas present procrastination and positive thinking, I was searching for something BIG to do next year. The year I had The Little, I ran the 25K Run For the Toad and it was awesome (aside from breaking my foot)! The fall of 2015 has seen me sidelined but I really wanted to do The Bad Thing, which had it’s inaugural run in October. I think this might be the race for me, possibly even the 50K if I can find enough time to train and get fit.

A 50K trail race? Why not? See Fleck Run was very persuasive with her summary of the Creemore Vertical Challenge that I think a big meaty trail race might be just what I need to fall back in love with running.

Guess I better start studying trail markers…


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