Week Two Summary: The Bad Thing Training

Sometimes you have to give yourself a break or you will get broken.

My ankle has been super tight and grumpy since the long run of week one. Last week, instead of pushing through pain, I opted to rest and let the ankle guide what I got done. In the end, I only did bootcamp classes and stretched.

I am OK with that.

What I am still very inexperienced at is balancing “Momming” with training. Days can start very early around here but I am decidedly the opposite of a morning person. My husband is awesome at fielding the toddler to let me have some additional sleep time in the mornings as I am up several times a night with the baby. This is lovely and makes me happy. The only problem is that the morning is the best workout time. Instead, I find myself cramming in a late evening workout at the end of the day when I’m already tired or worse, skipping a workout altogether.  I will get this figured out…

On to week three.

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