Week one summary: The Bad Thing Training 

The Hoodlet (my sister) and I are signed up to run The Bad Thing, the 25km iteration. (For those of you too lazy to click the link, it’s a point to point trail race with a 50km option. The 25km is sold out. Better luck next year. 50km still has space…) Last week was the start of training.

We are using the Run for the Toad 25km training program. The long run for the week was 7km, with a mid week 5km, a pair of 4km’s and TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF. That’s right, two! 

Here’s my summary, in a mangled The Good, The Bad, The Ugly format.

The Bad: I did not do one of the 4km runs and I didn’t get a rest day either. 

The Good: I did everything else plus: 3 bootcamp classes and a baseball game!!! Yes. That deserves three exclamation points. I also started physio to encourage my core to cooperate.

The Ugly: four years of much reduced activity, a pair of pregnancies, extra weight, and being and old lady means I am sore. Not outrageously sore but definitely feeling my knees and right lower leg. It is tight, like a tiger.

Introspection: mentally, I am thinking a big game. I am excited to be training. Working out makes me feel great. Physically, I won’t be able to maintain this pace without injury. This week’s task is to make some pragmatic adjustments to my schedule.

To document this journey, I’m taking regular selfies and will post them here for general consumption. 

Day one: 

Today, day eight:

And the poor feets: 

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