BABE-ies boot camp at Limitless Performance

©hoodieruns Photo credit: Limitless Performance

©hoodieruns Photo credit: Limitless Performance

©hoodieruns Photo credit: Limitless Performance

Before, on the left, taken beginning of July 2016. The pictures on the right were taken the beginning of January 2017. 

I’ve been attending BABEies Bootcamp at Limitless Performance ( and man, has it been awesome!

Three times a week, I go and have my ass handed to me and I love it. Employing HIIT principles with flavours of CrossFit, the talented coaches of BABE-ies have whipped me into great shape. 

Since July, I’ve gained five pounds of muscle, lost 6% body fat and managed to close my diastasis recti to 1.5-2cm! That’s all with not watching what I’m eating. Actual weight loss is 7lbs but because of the muscle mass gains I have actually lost roughly two dress sizes. These results make me really happy and they are pretty motivating!

Non-scale or empirical improvements include improved posture- I no longer round my shoulders forward and my hips have more of a posterior tilt and a neutral spine instead of tucking my bum, better fitting clothes, better performance at hockey and I am much stronger. Strength is a good thing. The kidlets just keep getting heavier.

The programme is tailored to encourage post-partum moms to gain strength and cardiovascular fitness within their capabilities. For instance, a number of us are working on healing our abdominal wall and pelvic floor muscles. There is a sequence of excerises we do to focus on helping those areas heal. Additionally, all excerises within the workout are offered with modifications to protect our healing bodies. It’s awesome to workout with a group of peers that are dealing with the same fitness concerns that I am and to have a knowledgeable group of coaches to ask questions.

My time with the LP family is winding down as I have to return to work at the beginning of May. To maximize my time left, I completed a Whole30 in January and I plan to continue eating within a Whole30/paleo framework. It appears that my body responds well to a low carb, high fat balance. The Whole30 plate template (palm sized protein, thumb-sized amount of fat, and fill the rest of the plate with veggies) is easy and doesn’t require tracking or measuring. Eating like this and continuing BABE-ies Bootcamp, should see excelerated results. I can’t wait.

Thanks to the coaches Ally, Michelle, and Sarah and all my classmates! I’ve really enjoyed working out with you!

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