indoor run and it’s snowing again

distance: 4M
time: 38:22
pace: (again with the bad math…) um… 9:23?
cal: treadmill says 542 but more like 380.

today’s scheduled run was a tempo run of 6M with 4 of the miles at 8:30/M. instead I ran inside on the hamster wheel and watched TLC’s While You Were Out. the run felt pretty nondescript, shoes (new red sauconys) felt fine. the skin on my cheeks is super itchy with all the cold, dry weather we’ve been having and running and sweating inside in dry air made them burn. oh man were they itchy!! I’m going to have to bring in more moisturizer for work and put more in the gym bag. maybe I’ll have to find out if putting a Gold Bond Medicated product on my face is a really bad idea.

KT also ran this morning. she might argue with me about the term ‘ran’ but she did run. she’s just getting back into running and is facing the challenges we all faced when we started – the shortness of breath, protesting muscles, fatigue. she ran though, and that’s what’s important. and she’s not dead… just sucking back lots of coffee :o)

speaking of coffee, this morning I tried a light roast and it tastes like butter. I love butter but I’m not sure I love butter tasting coffee. however… I think I like butter tasting coffee more than the fact that it is snowing again!!! Agh!

ClaireK has ok’d the use of her artwork and I’ll be updating the banner of the blog sometime this weekend.

ME and I might try and get a hill work out in tomorrow morning depending on conditions and Friday there’s another 4M scheduled. this week’s long run is 16M but I’ll be happy with 12-14 if the weather is crappy. that and it’s sounding like our weekend plans might involve some adult beverages and heaps of good food.

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