What’s that? A post about running on a running blog?!

Hoodieruns ran! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

@bigbrnz challenged me on Garmin Connect to do a running challenge last week. Even a competition barely snapped me out of my funk and got me running. 

Since about December, I’ve had a hard time making fitness a priority. Part of it has been the time of year and weather but a bigger issue has been the way I’ve been feeling: my brain is like an overcast day. Making that overcast day worse was failing to get a regular hit of endorphins to help lift my mood. My endorphin hit of choice has been bootcamp but I will be returning to work and I won’t be able to continue with the class. Even though I’ve really enjoyed bootcamp, I find myself making excuses and missing too many classes. Running, it’s time for you to step up and fill the endorphin void. 

Saturday, I ran 3.2km. It felt great. It felt like more. 

Making the run on Saturday even better was company. @robinsonshan, thank you so much for running with me and sharing your listening ear and empathy.

Tuesday, I ran for more than 30 minutes. I got muddy and happy.

It’s not a pattern yet but running is on my mind a lot lately. I hope it means I translate all that thought into action.

One of my goals for the month is to create and follow a home strength program, in addition to running. I’ve found a 12 week strength program that focuses on hips and glutes called Strong Curves. There is a home variation that doesn’t require a lot of equipment. This program will target a weak area for me and compliment my running nicely. Goal: in progress.

Run goals: I am going to run. As much as I can. I will be tracking by time and perceived exertion rather than trying to get that x.0kms on my watch. @bigbrnz, I will be participating in your challenges… Keep poking me.

Upcoming races: Run the Falls (10km), Rugged Maniac (5km)

Anyone want to do Cottage Country Ragnar as part of an 8 person team?

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