Tuesday flush out run

Just a short, slow run today, to flush out my legs and get some fresh air. 3.4km, 24mins.
I recently read a Reddit response about “No Zero Days” which outlined four simple rules:

  1. No Zero Days – every day do something to further your goals or dreams.
  2. Be grateful to the three you’s – past, present, and future you. Thank past you for the achievements that make you today. Do favours for future you, like furthering your goals. This cycle of gratitude and favours make present you productive and grateful.
  3. Forgive yourself.
  4. Do exercise and read books.

This post is simple and awesome. I’m implementing it. 

Today I ran. Thank you past me.  I’m really glad you ran. I feel so much better for it. 

Thank you past me, for doing our physio exercises yesterday. All of them. I forgive you for being lazy about them recently. Future me: I’m going to do better. We are going to heal the hole in our abs!

Now I’m going to go read a book: How to Run Your First Ultra by Krissy Moehls and do my physio.

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