Maybe not a psychopath.

I just finished reading The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist’s Journey Into the Dark Side of the Brain by James Fallon. This was a recommendation from a colleague and did not disappoint!

Psychopathy is not something one can just casually assess

From chapter 1: What Is a Psychopath? (Fallon 2013, p. 13)

This book was really interesting, giving me pause to think about my own behaviours and tendencies. Some of the things I like least about my own personality: selfishness, impulsivity, pleasure-seeking, lack of motivation, certainly can be on that psychopathic spectrum but I am empathetic and caring, and I more often make decisions emotionally, rather than via cold logic. But it is still chilling to read that some of the shitty things about me could be shared with a psychopath.

The book is engaging and a very quick read. It balances the academic and the personal, and the outcome is a fascinating glimpse into the inside of someone else’s head- literally and figuratively.

In other news, I struggle to want to do any yoga and walking is boring. So no progress on the moving my body front. I have been drinking more water than usual, so yay me! Celebrate the successes, amirite?

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