but I wanna do more!

Route: Grand River trail out and back
Time: 31:34m
Distance: 3.09m
Pace: 10:13/m
Calories: 370
Weather: 22C, sunny, cool, beautiful fall day
Wildlife: wild golfers in carts!
Notes: ME and I ran tonight we both started out nice and slow trying to ease into it. ME said his one leg was tight and sore. My legs were aching and a bit sore, nothing that hints at an injury just tight and needed to warm up. We went out nice and slow, first mile was 10:41, second was 10:44, third was 9:26. I were both pushing each other in the final mile zooming to get home. Overall it was a good run – it’s nice listening to my body and finding out that it’s telling me that it wants to do more but my brain is smart enough to say hang on champ, let’s take it easy! You’re just getting back into all of this!

I’m still reading Marathons For Mortals. I haven’t picked a training plan yet but I’m sticking with the plan to get out and run Mon/Tues/Thurs/Sat/Sun with soccer maybe on Wed/Fri. Easy days are Mon/Sat for sure. Must write this down some where or put it in my BlackBerry.

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