hangin’ out tonight

Hanging out in front of the boob tube tonight. We had the Amazing Race: Elora today for a team building event today and covered enough ground/climbed enough stairs/scrambled up enough rocks to decide that I don’t need my run tonight. I was planning to get out the door since my shoes look a bit sad and lonely but I’m tired. Today’s calories are currently at 1500+, about 30 too many but given the exercise I’ve had, I think I’ll call it even.

For the first time in 2 weeks, I missed sending out the WLC email. Missed the updates for day 15. But, I did get a chance to share some accomplishments with K(used to be M)P in the car today and the reaction reminded me of how much I’ve done and makes me want to keep pushing myself. After running around all day today though, I realized that it’d be a great idea to incorporate more activity into my day. KP was on board with lunch time walks, saying that it was a great idea and would be easier to get out the door if others were going too. I was reminded today (thanks calendar, that’s awesome.) that I’ve got less than 1 month to go before my goal day. The weight loss has tapered off a bit b/c I’ve been getting sloppy with my calories and not getting my cardio in. Need to keep pushing myself and stay focused. But man! I’m going to look smoking hot on the 29th!! :o)

I’m getting back to my lit roots lately and I’m reading Northanger Abbey before bed and any spare minutes I can. It’s awesome to read for pleasure! That novelty hasn’t worn off yet. Anyone got a good read I should check out?

Work out updates:
29 Oct – JM d9
30 Oct – rest day that turned into Amazing Race Elora (possibly about 5K of walking)

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