week update and the christmas tree

first the activity for the week:

distance: 4.5M
time: ~43min
pace: 9:34/M
calories: ~400
notes: ran with HE. just a nice regular run. no pain, no issues. so glad to have HE to run with. she keeps me motivated. she’d also mentioned that she wanted to pick up the pace for our runs a bit b/c she was concerend about going too slow. so we went from 10:10/M to 9:34/M.

indoor volleyball. no subs, low-med effort game. I was tired and my lower back was bothering me so I didn’t play very hard. went out and had beers after = all benefits of playing erased.

distance: 4.5M
time: ~43min
pace: 9:34/M
calories: ~400
notes: HE and I kept exactly the same pace as monday. (note: I estimated the time and distance b/c I don’t have my log with me at the moment to know exactly but I do know we were exactly the same pace 2 days in a row!) again, uneventful run – no issues.
indoor soccer
distance: 4M
time: 50mins
subs: 2 female subs… cuts down playing time significantly!
calories: ~400
notes: strained my left calf. ankles felt like they were as strong as spaghetti noodles. right ankle rolled but no pain or swelling. played one of the best teams in the leg and lost 4-2. I scored one of the goals off a free kick.

thursday – rest. slept in.

gym with KT. did Jillian Michaels Making the Cut day 2 workout before work. remembered to eat before the gym this morning so had a much better workout than last week. didn’t push hard enough though b/c at no point did I ever feel like puking. which is unusual. did feel very weak though. definitely out of shape!

today was the first Operation Witchy Wednesday Telephone Pole meeting. KT and I are trying to avoid the pitfalls of Whopper Wednesdays and have scheduled a healthy lunchtime replacement. came out of it feeling really motivated and now I have to be accountable to someone. also discuss a Biggest Loser competition to start in the new year to coincide with the new BL season starting 4 Jan.

last weekend ME and I got our christmas tree. it’s my first real tree since I was about 5. very exciting! so we picked it up on sunday. monday night we get home from work and ME is in the living room when the tree falls over. randomly. Miss Allie-cat was not in the room and cannot be blamed. I was upstairs changing out of work clothes when I hear “DISASTER! TREE! TOWELS!” repeatedly. ME loses his words when there is a crisis apparently… anyways many needles and “Very full, lots of sap” comments later, the tree is back up and that fucker is tied to the wall. last night, almost a week later, we started decorating. note “started”… as in not finished yet. so far it’s looking pretty awesome. it smells pretty awesome too. yay christmas!

pictures to come all before and after. I know. I’m awesome.

One thought on “week update and the christmas tree

  1. Cool Post! I should say , I wish more success to the tree than the running. lol. Great work out work. I just recently had a break through. Check out my latest post. Anyways, have a good one. Be Good!


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