three whole delicious, pain-free runs!

  • saturday 13 december – 3M, outside, with ME. 30mins and change.
  • sunday 14 december – 7M, outside, with ME. 1h, 12mins and change. saw a couple deer, one of which jumped a big fence to be with his lady friend. startled me so badly I grabbed ME’s arm. had a nice soak in the tub after dinner. (had some yummy steaks and sweet potato fries and laughs with L,M and MN over. little M is so sweet and getting very mobile!)
  • monday 15 december – 3.1M, hamster wheel w/ KT on elliptical beside me (whoo hoo another work out buddy!) 28mins and change for 3M, 1min and a bit for walking cooldown.

all of this with no pain from the dastardly L knee! smiles all around! both knees are a bit sore today going down stairs but that’s nothing a bit of ice and advil tonight won’t fix. must get some yoga/stretching in tonight to loosen up a bit.

in other non-running news…

got a whack of Christmas shopping down on the weekend. now torn about what to give ME for Christmas since I can’t do both of the extra cool items without being wildly over the budget. K(M)P and AVD have both suggested the same route so now I just need to make the last purchase.
still have a couple things to pick up for AE, Mom H, and lil’ LH. but, for the most part, I am done and wrapping is started!

what to have for dinner tonight? I’m so freakin’ hungry rightthissecond!

note to self: post training schedule

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