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Monday, March 16th, 2009
saturday @ the bike showthe bike show was great – it’s a good feeling, being able to support Canadian vendors. I bought my first road bike last summer and needed a couple accessories. I also want to get out cycling more this summer and was hoping to maybe sign up for an event. there were so many races/causes to choose from so I’m taking my time and going to pick a few duathalons to do this summer with LM. I was a good girl and only purchased 2 tubes, a water bottle rack, and a little seat mounted bag to store an emergency kit in. KB and KB gifted me with my very own tire changer tool – merci beaucoup!
here are a couple blurry pics for your enjoyment (I had a wee bit of a hangover and shakes problem):

the one on the bottom is of the bike (the blue one) I want ’someday’ assuming I actually like the duathalon experiences I’m planning. but, as KB pointed out, I could just get aero bars for my bike…

sunday long run
distance: 15.80M (25.28km)

time: 2:51:59

pace: 10:53/M

calories: 1826
notes: this was a good run. ME and I did a similar route to last week’s long run. it was gorgeous out and it was nice to not need my run jacket. saw lots of other runners out too and many waves and hello’s were exchanged. I felt I could have pushed it to maybe 17 or 18 miles (27-32km) but it was nice not to be in a delirious, exhausted, crampy haze by the time I reached the doorstep. I managed to get a wee bit of a sunburn (thank you freckly, fair skin). we tried sport beans and I really liked them. they were much more tolerable than gels and they come in caffeinated versions too. I think for my marathon, I’m going to do a combination of gel and sport beans. neither seems to upset my tummy too much. ran in my Nikes. I think the pressure point thingy in them at the ball of my foot might be causing some of my feet issues. for the last few runs I’ve been on, both long and short, my feet have been very sore, almost bruised feeling, afterwards. I thought it might have been plantar fasciitis and I’ve been rolling my foot with a golf ball at work. that helped the tendons but now there’s this weird bruised feeling right below the pad below my little toe. it doesn’t hurt when I walk or run, just afterwards feels bruised. ideas anyone?

CBD – thank you for your comment about the squares! I did bake them in a 9×13 but stored them in a 9×9 plastic container. my bars were lovely and chewy but so fulling that I cut them a bit smaller than bar size. do you havve the nutritional info for your version? mind sending the info to me at do you have any other receipes runners might enjoy that I can feature and properly credit you for?? :o)
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Friday, March 13th, 2009
distance: 7.64M (12.22km)

time: 1:17:23

pace: 10:08/M

calories: 871
notes: ran the Grand River Trail by Grey Silo Golf Course (very pretty btw). it was lovely! on the way out the sun was shining and on the way back in the sky was exploding in beautiful pinks, oranges and purples as the sun set. as much as the sunset was gorgeous, the highlight of my run was getting dirty! that’s right! I found mud! (even in this freezing cold!)And here’s the evidence to prove it:

exhibit A

exhibit B

exhibit C

I’m starting to feel more confident about Around the Bay since I’m getting more quality distance runs in again. I need to get a special t-shirt made for Around the Bay b/c I’m going to run ATB for a very special little guy who is remembered with much love.
tomorrow I’m off to the Toronto bike show! update to come.
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Thursday, March 12th, 2009
I figured out my caloric needs using the formula iRun printed in the most recent issue. according to that calculator, I need about 1500 calories/day when I’m not running and more like 1700-1800 when I am running. I’ve been tracking my calories using and wow do they ever add up quickly! the formula also gave my math skills (ha!) a workout. so lesson learned about calories: keep a better record of what you eat and get out running consistently!
speaking of consistent…

wednesday evening run – in daylight! woo hoo!

distance: 3.74M (almost 6km)

time: 34:56

calories: 300-ish (I forgot to look…)

pace: uh… again those math skills… erm… 9:10/M??? almost 6:00/km??? man I should have checked garmy before this post.
notes: I. felt. awesome. it was just my regular loop around the outside of the neighbourhood but it felt new and fresh and I felt great. no plantar fasc. pain, no knee pain, no IT pain, I was warm and toasty (except a couple of blocks spent running into the 40/kmh gusts) and I was running solo. ME had hockey and I was late getting out of the office so he had a plate of steaming pasta ready for me. it was bliss – thanks ME! I’m grateful you look after me! last night was a Good Run.

so to the running skirt debate.suprisingly, it was the ladies that were most vocal about running skirts. the majority of you felt that running skirts were absolutely acceptable and kudos to the ladies wear them and look (and feel!) great. a few of you did say that you wouldn’t be caught running in one for several different reasons :o)the boys were generally in favour of the skirts, one commented that he has worn a skirt in a race before (a kilt) and it was a “great experience” and one pointed me to The Skirt Chaser 5K Race Series where the girls are beating the guys. Does anyone know of a similar event in Ontario? so, in the end, the running skirt debate really wasn’t a debate at all!

I’ve got another new favourite running web site – WARNING: the following has running clothes related info so if you’ve a “problem” i.e. you buy way too many running related accoutrements… STOP HERE!
I love love love Dirty Runner togs! the prints are awesome and I always feel a bit tougher running in their dirty girls run gear! their prices are good and they are Canadian. and the trail race advertised on their splash… I’m seriously considering entering. will keep you posted. dirty runner sneak peak:

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Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
weekend long run completed! that’s right! you heard it here first – I actually got a long run done this weekend!
distance: 13.1M (20.96km)

time: 2:17:30-something

avg pace: 10:30-something/M

calories: 1500(all stats courtesy of my Garmin, however I forgot to write everything down for my blog and now I don’t have Garmy right here to double check everything)
notes: I felt fantastic for the first 9M and then the edges started to fray. given the week I’ve had, the pain was a good thing. just needed to know that I was still alive, could still feel pain and that running still makes me happy. all the stablizing muscles for my L ankle are sore and were still sore monday night when I ran again. so some cramping in that leg and minor overall discomfort. it hurt more at the time but now looking back on it all it’s started to fade and I’m jonesing for another run!the weather started out grey but deteriorated to rain over the course of the run. by the time I got home I was soaked through and frozen solid! much colder than I’d ever been on our -15 runs!note the boots in this picture – I was so cold I couldn’t keep my shoes on any longer and grabbed these… I swear this type of boot is the ugliest type of boot ever, but man those suckers are warm! (side note: my lips were as blue as my coat… picture just does not capture the full extent of my frigidness)before the run, I ate one of my protein bars (see: my post about my protein bars here > and a whole grain bagel with pb and honey. no stomach/bathroom issues on the run and with all those complex carbs, I had lots of energy. on the run I ate a Carb Boom gel (cherry chocolate flavour) and water.ran a really great course which incorporated part of my marathon course – egads! that’s only 6 weeks away! got to see lots of the Grand River and run up and down lots of small-ish hills.

regular run
distance: 3M +/- a bit because I kept pressing the stop button on the hamster wheel.

time: 38 mins

pace: unknown – I was walking and running depending on how my legs felt

calories: estimated 200
notes: legs were sore so I took it easy, taking my time to warm up and then trotting to jogging to running and back.
ended up sleeping through my soccer game last night. I think I needed the recovery time, so let’s call it sleep well earned but – I would like to express my sincere apologies to my soccer team for not being a team player.
there’s a hot debate going on about running skirts! > email me your comments! and get in on the fight!
and don’t forget to send the 5K suggestions!
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Friday, March 6th, 2009
it’s gorgeous out! sunny and warm! it got me thinking about warm weather running attire and I want to know: how do you feel about running skirts?? email me at with your comments.check out the elites in skirts at the 2008 ING Ottawa Marathon (and the cutest running mantra ever: “I can do it!”)

by wednesday afternoon, this week, I was fighting the first cold I’ve had since November. this is a feat for me. the last couple years I’ve had multiple colds a year and this year, with regular running I’ve avoided colds for the most part. over the last few weeks my running slumped a bit and my health has slumped too. it’s good motivation to get me back out there and the legs seem to have finally recovered from monday’s abusive workout. P90x – you’re a tough master. I’ve learned by lesson and I’m going to refocus on running, core strength and upper body strenght training but mostly running between now and the marathon.

I need a nice 5K to make me feel fleet of foot again > send me your race suggestions!
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Wednesday, March 4th, 2009
is it just me or do hydration belts defy gravity in the most impossible and annoying ways? no matter how tight I cinch my hydration belt or where I put it on my waist or hips, it invariably ends up banging around somewhere between my hips and my rib cage (luckily there are a couple fatty masses that keep it from hiking up to my armpits). during a recent long run I had an epiphany: wear a hydration pack. I rummaged around until I found my backpack with it’s handy dandy bladder and filled up that sucker. worked like a charm. it also enables me to bring snacks, keys, phone, $ and a camera comfortably. so pooh pooh to you anti-gravity hydration belts. now there is a new danger to watch out for: really heavy hydration packs… I’m not a light packer…

running>> erm, so I’m bad. I didn’t get my 5M in on monday or tuesday. but, I did get 40mins of high output soccer on monday night. I was marking a guy for most of my playing time so I pushed myself to the point of almost getting sick twice. so I’m counting that as my speedwork for

this week.

>> monday’s run, 5M, is on deck for tonight. (I even brought some supper to work so I can eat at work and be out running shortly after getting home.)


monday: gym – P90x legs and backtuesday: volleyball (my legs hurt so much that ME had to swing them into bed for me and tuck me in)wednesday: gym – P90x arms and a tinsy bit of abs (did I mention my legs hurt?)
scale wednesday: doesn’t reflect all the activity I’ve been doing. grrr.
today’s mini goal: drink 2L of water to help fight this cold and curb vending machine runs (they aren’t the healthy kind of runs)
and hey! did you know that you probably push yourself harder on the hamster wheel than the evil ski machine but they both get you fit? read about it here: Jockology at The Globe and Mail______________________________________
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Monday, March 2nd, 2009
ran Wednesday last week. one day. that’s it. played 50 mins of soccer and 50 mins of hockey. made it to the gym twice (?) to do abs and some cardio. definitely not a good running week or weekend. bailed on the long run b/c of stomach issues but didn’t even get the bike ride done (indoors) that I’d planned as a replacement. feeling a bit disappointed with myself. there’s a 5M on the schedule tonight as well as an 11pm soccer game. getting those done will boost me back up I think.
made it to the gym this morning. LM and I did the P90X legs and back workout this morning. it was good but a whole lot of lunges! had to trot back across the parking lots afterwards and the legs were already heavy. the classic sign of a good leg work out. the run tonight might be interesting.
this weekend I finally got the grocery shopping done and finally had the ingredients on hand to make protein bars. I’m pretty proud of them. they turned out quite well and are yummier than the store bought ones. overall I’d give these 4 out of 5 stars b/c I control the ingredients and they don’t taste remotely of cardboard. ingredient highlights (email me if you want the full recipe to try): eggs, protein powder, almond butter, peanut butter, chocolate chips, flax seed, wheat germ, rolled oats, yogurt, apple juice and cream cheese. pretty eclectic! here’s the end product:

one last item of note. my cat loves it when ME comes home from his run and has sweaty feet. she rolls in his sweaty foot prints on the hardwood. it’s pretty funny watching her follow him around but also really gross…
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Thursday, February 26th, 2009
>> crammed in a quick run over lunch yesterday. wasn’t as long as I’d hoped it to be but I’ll take what I can get.
time: 20:11

distance: 2.15M (3.44km)

pace: 9:23/M (5:53/km)

calories: 243

run notes: the evil left knee pain has returned. it’s my own fault, I’ve been neglecting my foam roller the last month and now my IT band is calling me on it. tonight, after beer and wings, I’ll spend some serious quality time with my foam roller and we can be friends again. IT band hates the foam roller parties but I run much better for them.

>> cross-training – played indoor soccer last night. it was a loss but on the plus side, there were no subs for the girls so I played the full game.
time: 50mins

goals scored: 0

effort level (scale of 1-10, w/ 10 being highest effort): 7

cross-training notes: knee didn’t protest much, if at all. I didn’t warm up, I didn’t stretch, basically I did everything wrong and yet, my knee wasn’t complaining. I don’t understand it. I had a good game, although I didn’t play as well has I have for the last couple weeks. made a few amateur mistakes on defense but made some good runs to help out on offense.

>> since readers can’t leave comments right now, I’ve created an email address you can contact me at to leave comments and ask questions: please drop me a line and I’ll address questions and topics as they come up.

>> it’s beautifully warm out there (well, at least here in Southwestern Ontario) so get out and run today and tell about it! happy running.
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Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
there’s a knot in my tummy > holy smokes! little hoodieruns is on a much larger stage now! just a tiny bit nervous… but hey! hi everybody!

there’s a knot in my right shoulder > it manifested itself about 10 seconds after the chiro said my shoulders were great. I’m pretty sure it’s caused by the insanity of the 401… or maybe the fact that I’m slouching in my chair… or probably it’s caused by weight of having such a beautiful head on top of these shoulders (ha!)… or it’s a sympathy knot for the above knot…
there’s the knots in my shoes > I’ve re-learned how to tie my shoes. the bow ends are supposed to lie straight across the top, parallel to the ground. if your bow ends point anywhere than away from your shoes, yer doin’ it wrong. try wrapping the other direction from what you normally do when you’re doing the last bow. (the fox should chase the bunny the other way around the tree.)

running news
upcoming races – Around the Bay, 29 March; Waterloo Marathon, 26 April.
erm… yeah, I missed my 6 miler from Monday. tonight. it’ll be completed. and you’ll get to read all about it!

I want to say a huge thank you to Claire of Claire K Photography ( for taking my headshots and some additional fun pictures. Claire – you are the best! your pics are snazzy!

hoodie – crunched in a ball

hoodie – wearing a hoodie

and finally my favourite:

hoodie – and her shoes

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

As a technical writer, Laura renewed her interest in running to “conquer the bulge and regain the energy and focus I used to have when being very active.” A seasoned blogger at, she writes about everything from running to knitting, nutrition and the “hamster wheel (aka the treadmill!).” Laura’s goals include running a marathon before her 25th birthday and attaining new 5k PR, and she blogs to stay motivated. “My reasoning was that if anyone and everyone, including loved ones, could read about how many runs I missed it would become pretty embarrassing and I’d be motivated to get out and run,” she says. From the looks of her workout reports, it seems to be working!

gym morning and the weekend’s long run

gym activities
cardio: 10 mins on the wave at effort level 5-7
core training: 12 supermans each side w/ opposite arm and leg raised, 12 reverse planks each side w/ leg raises, 50 sec forearm plank with 10 sec leg raises, 2 each side, 30 sec side plank each side, 2 x plank with 10 knee to elbows each side; 2 sets of 20 bicycle crunches.
light stretching.

long run
distance: 11.21M (of 16M scheduled) ~ almost 18km
time: um… 2 hours 11 mins and something? slow anyways.
pace: 11:30/M
weather: light snow fall, -20 ish with the wind chill.
ME was not feeling well at all on this run. the look on his face told me he was enjoying the run about as much as I enjoyed the black nail 14miler a couple weeks ago. I felt his pain. we squeezed in the Lincoln St. hill, the hill next to Lexington (I forget the street name) and a bit of the Bridge St. hill too. I felt good although I panicked in the last 1.5M b/c we were running into the wind and my face hurt, a lot. I was worried about possible frostbite it hurt so much. the last mile I think I was sprinting home I was so panicked! luckily, there was no frostbite, although I did get a bit of windburn. overall, I felt pretty good both during and after the run. that afternoon I didn’t need a nap. ME on the other hand should have had a nap but he didn’t know that I’d planned a surprise birthday party for him at the tube park! twenty or so of our friends joined us for an evening of fun – many thanks to all of you for joining us and helping us celebrate ME’s birthday!

walked up the tube hill 4, maybe 5, times. hip flexors were protesting a bit so I rode the lift every other slide.

ME and I have a run planned for tonight, after work. schedule calls for 4M @ 9:57/M pace. very manageable. this week’s speedwork out is a bit more daunting… 7M broken up: 3 x 1600m @ 7:57/M pace with 800m recovery jogs in between, bookended by 1M warmup and 1M cooldown. friday is an easy 3M @ 9:57/M pace followed by what should be our longest run to date: 18M. I would like to get 16M (at least) done.

12 miler yesterday – world of hurt

distance: 12M
time: 2:11:07
pace: painfully slow 10:55/M
calories burned: 1389 (according to the Garmin but running on loose packed snow means I probably burned more like 1500)
weather: -8 Celsius, clear and sunny, loose pack snow (about the texture of sand)
post run refuel: 1 pint of Guinness, 5 medium chicken wings and 1/2 a plate of poutine.

ME felt great – he wanted me to put that in my training log. I did not feel great. the best descriptor for my run was: miserable. you know what it’s like to run on dry sand? that’s what the run felt like. miles 1-7 sucked hard until we got to St. Jacobs and there was some clear pavement to run on. miles 8 and 9 were enjoyable and I felt pretty good. at 9.5 I had the Guinness craving hit me. note that I’ve never actually drank a whole pint of Guinness by myself before yesterday, post-run. envisioning the fulfillment of that craving got me through the rest of the run. the final mile was uncomfortable, my calves felt crampy and my legs were heavy. I got it done though and felt much relief that 1. it’s over and 2. I get another red sticker on my calendar for a successfully completed run! yes, that’s correct, I use stickers as motivation. not even nice stickers, just red dots, but hey! it makes me happy to see lots of red on my calendar! it was a bad running day but I discovered that I can tolerate a fair amount of discomfort for a long time so that gives me hope for the marathon.

mileage missed last week: one 5M run that was supposed to have been completed on Friday. went to the ACDC concert instead.

on deck this week: Monday – 5M but may push it to Tues b/c of indoor soccer tonight; Tuesday – rest or the 5M from Monday; Wednesday – tempo 5M, 3M@8:35/mile pace with 1M warm up and cool down; Thursday – rest but maybe a bike ride during Grey’s Anatomy; Friday – 5M; Saturday – 14M.

remembered my training log so I’ll get the Christmas break runs up over lunch.

Christmas break runs

22-26 December – no running just being lazy, holding down the couch.

27 Dec – distance: 3.75M; time: unknown, likely around 35mins; weather: balmy 10 degrees, very windy. accompanied by little LH and ME.

28 Dec – distance: run with JS; distance: approx 4.3M; time: 40:05; weather: crazy windy, 90km/h gusts 6 degrees. was a freaking great run! So much fun to run with JS, he’s much faster than us! we meandered through Goderich, across the bluffs, down the bluffs, along the beach, went up the stairs onto North St and then back to his place. stairs knocked me out, almost lost my breakfast. got home and was thoroughly chilled. had a hot shower and greasy (bacon and eggs) breakfast. suffered through nasty upset stomach later that evening. I”m sure the multitude of sweets I ate throughout the day didn’t help.
1 Jan – distance: 5K; time: 25:36; weather: -8 degrees. Resolution Run from the Kitchener YMCA. fun little race and got a nifty new jacket. was disappointed that I didn’t get a PR but there were rumours that the race was slightly longer than 5K and I must take into account that the course was icy/snowy in sections. ML ran with us and did very well, finishing only about a minute behind us. for the record: ME beat me.

2 Jan – distance: 4.22M; time: 41:38; pace: 9:52/M; calories: 508; weather: -8 plus a bit of a wind chill. my notes say “miserable. was tired before. snowy.”

3 Jan – distance: 10.01M; time: 1:40:17; pace: 10:01/M; calories: 1144; weather: -5ish; comfortable, last mile was dragging. heavy legs. ate 1/2 Powerade Double Latte gel which was really yummy. feet were sore afterwards where bump in my shoes next to the balls of my feet hit. L knee felt 95%. ate 1/3 of a cup of oatmeal with apple for breakfast. was ok in stomach.

5 Jan – distance: 6.01M; time: 56:45; pace: 9:27/M; calories: 679; weather: -8 degrees. was too cold, didn’t have enough layers on, especially on my bum! felt great, pushed the pace a bit. ME had tight ankles. L knee 98% only minor tweaking. X-training: arms and core at gym, 50mins indoor soccer. paid for this later in the week, was really tired all week long.


three whole delicious, pain-free runs!

  • saturday 13 december – 3M, outside, with ME. 30mins and change.
  • sunday 14 december – 7M, outside, with ME. 1h, 12mins and change. saw a couple deer, one of which jumped a big fence to be with his lady friend. startled me so badly I grabbed ME’s arm. had a nice soak in the tub after dinner. (had some yummy steaks and sweet potato fries and laughs with L,M and MN over. little M is so sweet and getting very mobile!)
  • monday 15 december – 3.1M, hamster wheel w/ KT on elliptical beside me (whoo hoo another work out buddy!) 28mins and change for 3M, 1min and a bit for walking cooldown.

all of this with no pain from the dastardly L knee! smiles all around! both knees are a bit sore today going down stairs but that’s nothing a bit of ice and advil tonight won’t fix. must get some yoga/stretching in tonight to loosen up a bit.

in other non-running news…

got a whack of Christmas shopping down on the weekend. now torn about what to give ME for Christmas since I can’t do both of the extra cool items without being wildly over the budget. K(M)P and AVD have both suggested the same route so now I just need to make the last purchase.
still have a couple things to pick up for AE, Mom H, and lil’ LH. but, for the most part, I am done and wrapping is started!

what to have for dinner tonight? I’m so freakin’ hungry rightthissecond!

note to self: post training schedule